Yes, God Has a Sense of Humor


Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey


Troll-haired insect

Troll-Haired Planthopper

An old adage says, “Seeing is believing.” If that’s true, God certainly showed a sense of humor when He created these two critters.

There’s an incident in the Bible where not seeing also makes me think God has a sense of humor. King Saul, obsessed with finding and killing David, thought he was hot on his trail when he slipped into a cave for a bathroom break. The irony is, he did not know that David was in there all the while, hiding from him. But God knew. In fact, I think He set it up.

I believe God set me up when my son was in the third grade. The experience cemented my belief that God has a sense of humor.

Maryland seriously observed National Education Week, and I loved it. Parents were invited to sit in on their children’s classes. When we entered the classrooms, there would be a row of chairs in the back for us visitors. My son’s third-grade teacher, however, thought outside the box.

She had a desk for each of us, on which were a picture and about a dozen crayons. If we wanted to participate in a coloring contest, her students would vote on the best submission in a few days. My mind immediately scooted back to my fourth grade and the girl who had sat to my right.

Time erased her name from my memory, but what she taught me remained–how to color. She didn’t explain it to me. I learned from stealing glances.

My emotions would be bittersweet as she reached in her desk for her box of Crayola crayons. When she flipped up the lid, forty-eight individual colors stood at attention in the stadium seating. My box of eight couldn’t begin to compete.

Picking up one alluring color after another, she pressed each crayon against the paper in slow, heavy circular motions. Her pictures, although the last to be finished, were always the teacher’s favorite.

A pink crayon was among those on the desk in my son’s classroom. How I had longed for one back in the fourth grade! Looking at the color now mingling with others, I devised my color scheme. Then, with circular motions, I filled in the picture.

“Mom!” my son exclaimed, bounding into the house the next week. “You won! Here’s your prize for the best picture.”


Pink was not a color I used. Nor had I chosen any crayon with an exotic name or hue. I used only primary colors–colors that were always in my box of eight.

Thus God and I shared an inside joke, which His sense of humor had engineered. I’m still smiling at my prize and the events behind it.