In the Meantime

What do Martin Luther King Jr., Jerry Falwell Jr., and Franklin Graham have in common with Ahimaaz (c. 1020 BCE)? You’re on the right track if you answered, “PK.” However, you didn’t get to the finish line.

Yes, each is a preacher’s kid but, additionally, a preacher’s kid who followed in his father’s footsteps. Before stepping into his father’s shoes, each man, of course, had had an “in the meantime” life. Ahimaaz, son of the priest Zadok, lived a cloak-and-dagger one.

Because of his father’s close ties with King David’s dynasty, Ahimaaz was picked for espionage during a coup d’état. The king instructed that Ahimaaz and another PK be entrusted with intelligence secrets.

Also at the king’s direction, an undercover informant infiltrated a plotting session with the traitor. This spy passed the plans to the boys’ fathers, which they relayed to a devoted maid, who then met with the sons hiding in wait for it. But the rendezvous was discovered by a young man who immediately reported it to the illegitimate king.

Now hotly pursued and very much aware they were on a life-or-death mission, the boys ran until they met up with a shrewd woman who hid them in a well. When asked about their whereabouts, she sent the pursuers on a wild-goose chase.

After the coast was clear, the fleet-of-foot boys climbed out of the well and quickly delivered the warning to King David:  His son Absalom, usurper of the throne, intended to kill him.

In the ensuing battle, however, Absalom is killed. Someone must run the news to the king. Ahimaaz wants to be the messenger, but the army commander denies his request and sends a Cushite. As Ahimaaz sees the slave loping over the hilly country, he presses the commander to let him run also.

Ahimaaz son of Zadok again said to Joab, “Come what may, please let me run behind the Cushite.”
But Joab replied, “My son, why do you want to go? You don’t have any news that will bring you a reward.”
He said, “Come what may, I want to run.”
So Joab said, “Run!” Then Ahimaaz ran by way of the plain and outran the Cushite.
(2 Samuel 18:22-23 NIV)

During his “in the meantime” life, Ahimaaz developed determination. Come what may, he would run his race.

Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1 NIV).


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