Take It Away!

Have you ever reread a good book? Why? Was it because you wanted to relive the characters? thought you might have missed something the first time? hoped it would add value to your life?

Are you in the majority who has not returned to a good book? Was the feeling after once finishing it satisfying enough? With your praise you may have given the good book to someone else. Possibly, you put it on a bookshelf or in a box with your other good books, where they will age together and pass out of vogue. Someday another generation–uninterested–may pile them in a chancy stack destined for The Salvation Army. There they may or may not be revived.

There is one book, however, that by its very nature will never pass away. People have been drawn to it throughout the ages. They have read and reread its pages looking for real life answers. Something they can take away to make sense out of chaos. Often called the Good Book, the Holy Bible enriches the reader, for it is vibrant and personally piercing.

Within its timeless pages searching minds and hearts are forever uncovering new insights and hope. Was that true for you during the past nine posts while exploring God’s eight double knocks? Did you take away a new thought? a new concept? a new understanding? I did and have selected a takeaway from each double knock to share:

Abraham! Abraham!

God is never late.

Jacob, Jacob

God might lead us out of our comfort zone.

Moses! Moses!

God uses our past.

Samuel! Samuel!

God's purpose includes children.

Martha, Martha

Take time to reassess priorities.

Simon, Simon

Spiritual battles are taking place that humans are not privy to.

My God, My God

Even Jesus asked God, "Why?"

Saul, Saul

A person can change.

If you took away something else or want to expand on the ones above, please don’t hesitate to share in the comment area below.


4 thoughts on “Take It Away!

  1. Judy, thank you for this blog. It was wise and helpful to wrap up your theme with a major idea from each of your double knocks. Made me remember and review. The lesson will last longer and it is well worth remembering.
    Your remarks about the Bible were timely also. I certainly do care what happens to a lot of my old books,BUT nothing could be so bad as losing the Book of God. A lot of my Bibles are KJ, however, and I don’t think any of my kids use it very much. Of course they will treasure them because they belonged to me, but that’s not the reason I want them to treasure the Bible. I am underlining and commenting in NIV translations and making dedications to them. I think I have enough for each grandchild but not the greats. Hope I live long enough to make a special dedication to each of them also! One a year for twelve years ought to do it! My Bible never looks very impressive to my fellow church goers. It never shows much wear. Someone had left a Bible in the church the other day, I looked at it and said, “It’s been used too much to be mine.” Now that isn’t too impressive!


  2. Oneta, I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. My personal Bible now is more than twenty years old and still looks new even though I am reading it at least twice a day. I think that is because it is very well made and is bound in genuine leather. Appearance does not always indicate usage. (Just think of how young we look in our old bodies! Ha-ha!)


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