Burned Out

That was the last straw. Six hundred thousand able-bodied men bawling about their rations like self-centered children. First they grumbled they didn’t have enough to eat. Now that they had plenty, they complained about the taste. Said it was boring. He was sick and tired of their murmured cravings for fish, melons, leeks, and garlic from the old country.

It was the same-o same-o with those guys–never satisfied. He was fed up with the lot of them. They had pushed him too far this time, and he was quitting!

From the beginning he knew this job was too big for him. He never wanted it, anyway. He wasn’t even looking for the job; the job found him. He had grown accustomed to the simple life where he had escaped and long ago shelved the youthful grooming for a leadership role in the other society.

During the surprise thrust-upon-him interview, he had tried to make it clear he was not qualified. All his objections, however, were overcome–even when he stammered he had a speech impediment. The quick retort:  His brother would be appointed his spokesman. As soon as he was on the job, he had to manage one thorny touch-and-go situation after another; but today he reached his limit. Face it, he was burned out.

In such a frame of mine, the despondent leader admitted defeat to I am, the God Who Is Always Present–the One who had picked him for the job. Sucked into self-pity, Moses desperately voiced his complaint:  “I am not able to carry all this people alone; the burden is too heavy for me. If you will treat me like this, kill me at once, if I find favor in your sight, that I may not see my wretchedness” (Numbers 11:14-15 ESV). But Moses’ quick fix, assembled in despondency, was not God’s solution.

“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Gather for me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom you know to be the elders of the people and officers over them, and bring them to the tent of meeting, and let them take their stand there with you. And I will come down and talk with you there. And I will take some of the Spirit that is on you and put it on them, and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, so that you may not bear it yourself alone'” (Numbers 11:16-17 ESV).

The God Who Is Always Present does not insulate Himself from His creation. When we come to the end of ourselves, Almighty God will show us the way out or through. “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you” (Psalm 55:22 ESV).

I am will hear the smallest whisper of a prayer. “Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, ‘Here I am’” (Isaiah 58:9 ESV).


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